Inclusive Approach – Your Net Profit


We are a leading provider of mental healthcare services in the USA with 8 years of experience in the industry. We believe that anyone who suffers from daily stress or serious mental health conditions should have immediate access to care.

Our board-certified medical professionals are specialized in treating personality disorders, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, substance abuse disorders, and more.

Our Specialty Areas

As mentioned above, we are focused on providing psychological assistance within specific mental healthcare areas, more precisely, we are specialized in cognitive techniques like:

  • cognitive-behavioral,
  • cognitive analytic,
  • insight,
  • interpersonal

and more related therapies while concentrating our efforts on mindfulness treatment methods like:

  • dialectical behavioral,
  • acceptance and commitment,
  • motivational enhancement,
  • and more industry-specific mental care services aimed to provide psychological help and support to everyone who requires it.

Why do our customers choose us?

While working with our patients, we aim to improve their self-confidence, help them to rid themselves of anxieties, insomnia, confusion, and depression as well as learn the ability to feel self-satisfied with their everyday life, tune-up the communication with relatives and friends while avoiding any unhealthy relations and abuse.

Our proven medical approach and longstanding practice allows us to source cutting-edge practitioners for treatment. We enable experts in the field for cognitive therapies to help clients analyze their past and present behaviors and thoughts and apply mindfulness practices to assist those in accepting all their life events while eliminating the inner conflicts

What do we offer to our partners?

We currently offer partnerships to clinics in our common field of work to expand their customer database to make more people satisfied and, of course, make this generous task both beneficial and profitable.

We share real contacts of customers in need of your services, so you receive personal information only from those who are surely ready to collaborate with you and potentially become your dedicated client.

You can request trial customer information free of charge and only start paying commissions after you receive actual customers signing up for your consultation.

What’s more, we assign a dedicated Account Manager who will be happy to reply to all of your questions if they occur.

So, why is working with us the right choice? Let’s review in detail:

  • We provide only relevant customer data, so you receive guaranteed successful leads.
  • No hidden fees! You pay just for real customers who have requested your service.
  • You don’t pay anything until you get a request from a customer to start your services.
  • You can apply for receiving trial client data free of charge before you decide whether this method of obtaining patients interested in your services works for you.
  • You receive only relevant contact information for a clear profit.

Opportunities for Partners

What do you get with us? We offer a simple mechanism that really works: qualified approach → relevant results → real profit.

In detail, we offer the following: relevant and true customer data → a greater number of interested clients → 90% of successful leads → increased customer trust → increased sales of your services → your boosted income.

Your benefits are as follows:

  • An easy way of obtaining a target customer database and more loyal patients;
  • Effortless promotion of your services (we do all the hard work and you get the results);
  • Transparency and a qualified approach → your net profit.

If you’ve nevertheless got some additional questions, we are happy to provide all the answers before we start!

Let’s make our fellow-citizens healthier and happier together!

Our contact infromation

Kevin Hall

Sr. Program Director

Phone: 1 225-230-2267

Email: [email protected]